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Photo of students' homework assignment on constructions

This is my students' first homework assignments on geometric constructions.

Teaching Standards

Standard VI. Assessment

Assessment both formal and informal is an integral part of teaching and learning.

It informs my future lessons and directly influences what I plan to teach in subsequent lessons.

I believe that students should be given ample opportunities to demonstrate what they have learned and that they have the right to receive a timely and constructive feedback.

Teaching Standards

Content Knowledge Planning and Instruction/Implementation Positive Learning Environment Diversity Technology Assessment Collaboration and Outreach Professional Development

Teaching Philosophy

  • In terms of diversifying the mathematics topics so that students with a wide range of academic, social, and cultural background are more appropriately accommodated, I decided to conclude my first placement with student created projects. By giving students the freedom to find triangles in their own surroundings and to then solve them, I think that I engaged students of a wider range of mathematical backgrounds and understandings on a more personal and meaningful level. While working on their self-created projects students tried harder. In the process they managed to construct a more robust mathematical knowledge of their trigonometric laws. As a result of their prior work on the project, students did better on their unit assessment.

Below I include a link to my project rubric as well as my student projects gallery photos of my students' projects.

Project Rubric (.doc file) Poster Project Gallery (link)

  • Below is a project my 7th grade students worked on after our unit on percentages, unit prices, proportions and exchange rates. The idea of virtually traveling to a foreign country motivated even my most reluctant learners to work hard on this project.

My Vacation Project (.doc file)


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