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Even while sitting outdoors with a smile on my face, I usually still have either a mathematical problem or a particular lesson on my mind.

Courses Taken in Pedagogy

Graduate Courses Taken in Adolescence Education (all taken at Ithaca College)

Educ 50810 Pedagogy and Practice across the Disciplines

Educ 50510 Pedagogy and Practice for the Mathematics Teacher

Educ 50300 The Exceptional Child in the Classroom

Educ 50100 Literacy Development and Second Language Acquisition

Educ 51210 Seminar in Reflective Practice

Educ 60000 Professional Semester in Education

Educ 59900 Independent Study in Education

Relevant Undergraduate Courses Taken

Psych 121 General Psychology

Psych 218 Educational Psychology

Educ 21910 Early Field Experience and Practice

Edf 210 Social and Cultural Foundations of Education

Educ 310 Exploring Mathematical Ideas with Children

Educ 647 Methods and Materials for Teaching Secondary (K-12) Subjects I**

Theatre 108 Voice and Diction

Phil 220 Symbolic Logic

Astr 310 Scientific Computing

***Course taken at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Courses Taken in Mathematics

Graduate Courses Taken in Mathematics (most taken at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Math 680 (180) Geometry of Curves and Surface

Math 681 (181) Introductory Topology

Math 661 (191) Scientific Computation I

Math 662 (192) Scientific Computation II

Math 653 (193) Real Analysis

Math 196 (656) Complex Analysis

Math 668 (198) Methods of Applied Mathematics I

Math 669 (199) Methods of Applied Mathematics II

Math 761 (221) Numerical Solution of PDE's I

Math 768 (228) Mathematical Modeling I

Math 769 (229) Mathematical Modeling II

Math 920 (390) Seminar and Directed Readings

Stat 664 (174) Applied Statistics

Math 50502 Topics in Mathematics: Number Theory*

Math 50510, Graduate Seminar in Mathematics*

MASS Courses Taken in Mathematics (all taken at Pennsylvania State University)

Honors MASS Topics in Algebra:The Theory of Partitions

Honors MASS Topics in Geometry:Differential Geometry and Relativity

Honors MASS Topics in Analysis:Mathematical Analysis of the Fluid Flow

Honors MASS Seminar

Honors MASS Colloquium

Undergraduate Courses Taken in Mathematics (taken at Agnes Scott College)

Math 150 Introduction to Computer Programming

Math 204 The Art of Mathematical Thinking

Math 206 Linear Algebra

Math 220 Multivariable Calculus

Math 250 Intermediate Computer Programming

Math 309 Differential Equations

Math 314 Modern Geometries

Math 321 Abstract Algebra

Math 321 Abstract Vector Spaces**

Math 325 Mathematical Models and Applications

Math 331 Real Analysis

Math 346 Introduction to Optimization Theory**

Math 352 Complex Variables

Math 410 Special Study

Math 480 Senior Seminar in Mathematics

Math 490 Independent Study

*Courses I audited at Ithaca College

**Courses taken at Emory University

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