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enjoying the challenge

Youngsters seem to enjoy a fun challenge. It is our job to guide them to the right resources and to keep the experience pleasurable.


For Younger Learners


Books Recommended for Middle School Students

Books Recommended for Elementary School Students

Sunshine Math

Math Art Fun

For Older Learners

Regents Preparation

Purple Math


Cornell University Resource Page

MathLinks (covers middle school and high school topics and contains a multitude of resources - from forums to challenging problems even from international competitions)

USA Mathematical Talent Search (contains interesting geometric proofs & past problems)

AMC (American Mathematics Competitions)

IMO (International Mathematical Olympiads)

William Lowell Putnam Comptetitions

HiMCM (High School Modeling Contest)

Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM)

Books Recommended for High School Students

Other Fun Sites

Visit these sites if you want to find nice activities that can complement the mathematics curriculum or you are simply looking for some fun

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