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Rewarding Students who did well

The pencils are all the students who did well on my Pythagorean Theorem unit summative assessment.

Teaching Standards

Standard III. Positive Learning Environment

I strive to keep my classroom welcoming and safe at all times. I want to ensure that all of my students feel positively about being in my classroom and taking an active part in our joint learning experience.

Making my students feel respected and appreciated is a big part of it, and it is what allows me to get to instruction. Once I have my students' attention and respect I encourage effort and persistence and continue to demand their active involvement.

Teaching Standards

Content Knowledge Planning and Instruction/Implementation Positive Learning Environment Diversity Technology Assessment Collaboration and Outreach Professional Development

Teaching Philosophy

  • As a teacher I think that it is important to strive to get involved and get to know my students better. Showing a genuine interest in students and helping them resolve conflicts facilitates students’ growth.

I take every opportunity to interact with my students and their parents outside of class. I attended multiple assemblies and events, which gave me a chance to interact with students outside of the classroom as well as get to know their strengths and hobbies better. Although assemblies had nothing to do with mathematics, attending them shed a light on my students particularly their strengths and prides. Had I not attended ECHOES 2008, I would not have known that my most reluctant student is an elaborate writer and has won awards for her work in all subjects outside of mathematics.

  • Below is the survey I gave to students on the first day of class


  • Please click on the file name below if you would like to read more about my classroom environment. You will be able to read in detail my classroom rules and procedures.

Classroom Environment Plan (.doc file)

  • Below is a photo of the board I made daily use of during teaching. It was a great classroom management tool as it allowed me to keep organized and to keep absent students up to date and caught up with class assignments and lessons.

WhileYouWereOut Classroom board Students looking for their own names

  • Students love to see their own names on the "Sharp Students" board. As you can see they cannot wait to find their names and are even taking time from recess to locate their names on the board. This is a great motivational tool to have in a classroom.

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