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MASS diploma

As a team member on my college team I competed in the National Modeling Contest.

Teaching Standards

Standard I. Content Knowledge

It is essential to have a deep and thorough understanding of my discipline in order to teach it effectively.

My knowledge in mathematics helps me follow my students' various viewpoints in class discussions. During instruction it allows me to make multiple connections between concepts and ideas. It also gives me the freedom to explain topics from different angles. Because of my knowledge in my discipline I am better equipped to differentiate instruction and reach and challenge all of my students.

Teaching Standards

Content Knowledge Planning and Instruction/Implementation Positive Learning Environment Diversity Technology Assessment Collaboration and Outreach Professional Development

Teaching Philosophy

  • I believe that there are always new topics to be learned, particularly in a discipline which is under continuous development such as the field of mathematics.

Although I am always reading into new topics and working on expanding my knowledge base, you can see some of the core courses I have taken in mathematics by clicking here.

  • Below are some of the recognitions I have received for my undergraduate work in the field of mathemtics.

MASS diploma

MAA award 2000 MAA award 2001

  • You can also view snaps of my personal mathematics literature collection below. I use a number of these books as resources during teaching. They help me create lessons that motivate and challenge students.

books1 books3

books 4books5

Courses Taught

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