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I enjoyed the diverse population of students I had in nearly all the classes I taught. It was so nice to see students collaborate in and outside of class.

Teaching Standards

Standard IV. Diversity

A classroom benefits from having students of diverse cultural backgrounds and abilities represented. Each student brings a unique perspective that enriches all of us. However, as a teacher I have to be cognizant of each of my learner's particular characteristics.

Reflective awareness of my students' strengths and weaknesses should guide my instruction throughout. The ability to modify instruction and accommodate for my second language learners and students experiencing literacy problems is necessary in order for all my students to remain challenged and experience success at learning.

I have been successful at working with special education teachers and student aides. As someone who grew up in Europe, I am quite aware of the challenges faced by “ESOL” students.

Teaching Standards

Content Knowledge Planning and Instruction/Implementation Positive Learning Environment Diversity Technology Assessment Collaboration and Outreach Professional Development

Teaching Philosophy

  • Teaching at Ithaca High School allowed me to work with an extremely diverse student population. My students had a wide range of backgrounds and abilities but I was able to motivate them and encourage them to work productively in collaborative groups.

Particularly in the honors geometry class I taught, I worked hard to accommodate my younger accelerated learners as well as my ELL learners. I had to give very clear and concise directions and wrote things out in print on the board or on the overhead projector. I said out loud slowly whatever I wrote, and resorted to using many gestures and visuals.

In my Algebra 2 regents class I had a number of students with IEPs and I checked in with them frequently during class as well as coordinated lessons with their individual resource room teachers.

  • Please click on the file name below to see an inclusive lesson plan sequence I created.

Inclusive Lesson Plans (.doc file)

  • Below is a photo of some of the books I purchased to read into gifted mathematics education. Some of the problem solving books are classics for use with gifted learners. I plan to use them with any of my students who need enrichment in mathematics.

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