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zometool polyhedra

I used my personal zometool collection as a visual tool to help one of my high school students explore dual polyhedra.

Teaching Standards

Standard V. Technology

Living in the Information Era, technology is a big part of our everyday lives. We are all exposed to it on a daily basis.

So as a teacher I try to stay flexible and use technology in various ways. Often times technology tends to be a motivator for students and it also helps me create more meaningful educational experiences for them.

I am comfortable with many technological tools and I utilize them on a daily basis to enhance student learning as well as my professional growth and development.

Teaching Standards

Content Knowledge Planning and Instruction/Implementation Positive Learning Environment Diversity Technology Assessment Collaboration and Outreach Professional Development

Teaching Philosophy

  • Please click on the link below to open a WebQuest I created.

My WebQuest of Fourier Transform

  • Below is a PowerPoint lesson I used to teach line slopes. Since there were no graphic calculators in my classroom, I decided to use the computer to illustrate the intrinsic differences of lines in terms of their slopes.

Slope Lesson (.ppt file)

  • You can also open the graphic file I created to complement the "hook" for one of my lessons. It is a rich visual meant to stimulate students and to motivate them about the use of geometry in real life.

Pool Problem Picture (.doc file)



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